Weight Loss

Lose 5 Pounds In A Week

The fat-torching plans suggested in this article has been successfully tried by several people around the world. It is possible to lose 5 pounds in a week by strictly following the plan. The best part of the plan is that it neither involves starvation nor supplements. It is advised to go with the plan which fits your lifestyle.

It is must to follow at least four of them with complete dedication for next seven days. Well, you can choose more than four. The more you pick, the more pounds you will lose.


Fruit smoothie, energy drink or beer contains 100 calories. Besides, they cannot satisfy your hunger. You have to eat food for that. Therefore, consumption of these drinks is considered as a way to increase calories in your body. Water is devoid of carbohydrates or calories. Therefore, trust water (a natural drink) to satisfy your thirst. It not only helps in flushing out the water weight but also increases metabolism rate. You can add some natural flavors like lemon juice or mint leaves.

Strictly avoid pasta and white bread

It is recommended by several health experts that white grain products are the major cause of bloated belly in most of the people. Some white grain products are spaghetti, white rice and sandwich rolls. According to author of The Park Avenue Nutritionist’s Plan, simple carbohydrates provoke your body to eat more whereas vegetables provides us complex carbohydrates which takes time to digest. Therefore, take concern when it comes to decide the source of carbohydrates. Vegetables are rich source of water as well.

The best substitute of the carbohydrates is vegetables. So, for this week follows it this way- instead of chicken sandwich eat chicken salad and replace chips with carrots. Like this you can substitute your rest of the meals as well.


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Atkins Diet To Lose 10 Pounds

Atkins diet is the secret behind the perfect figure of so many celebrities including Jennifer Aniston. Atkins diet results in the loss of 8 to 15 pounds within 10 to 14 days. For this you have to follow the diet plan strictly. It is highly recommended by several health experts as well to follow the Atkins diet to lose 10 pounds in few days.

Atkins diet overview

Atkins diet to lose 10 pounds

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Crash Diets To Lose 10 Pounds

It is one of the fad type diets, which is intended to reduce weight by reducing water from the body. It never results in the fat loss. You can follow crash diets to lose 10 pounds approximately in few days for a limited amount of the time period. It leads to sudden weight loss, which is often followed by a plateau period. It is the period where the weight of a person becomes constant. Plateau period encourages dieter to restart the same eating habits which result in weight gain abruptly. Dieter starts with a new diet which leads to yo-yo effect. This is the period when a person’s weight goes up and down in a very short period of time. The major reason of the condition is the constant eating habit in spite of being on diet. Besides, there are several other risks and complications, which accompany the crash diets plan. Therefore, it is also known as yo-yo dieting or fad dieting.

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