Crash Diets To Lose 10 Pounds

It is one of the fad type diets, which is intended to reduce weight by reducing water from the body. It never results in the fat loss. You can follow crash diets to lose 10 pounds approximately in few days for a limited amount of the time period. It leads to sudden weight loss, which is often followed by a plateau period. It is the period where the weight of a person becomes constant. Plateau period encourages dieter to restart the same eating habits which result in weight gain abruptly. Dieter starts with a new diet which leads to yo-yo effect. This is the period when a person’s weight goes up and down in a very short period of time. The major reason of the condition is the constant eating habit in spite of being on diet. Besides, there are several other risks and complications, which accompany the crash diets plan. Therefore, it is also known as yo-yo dieting or fad dieting.

Crash diets to lose 10 pounds

When is a crash diet appropriate?

There are situations when we tend towards the ugly diet plans such as crash diets. Then it becomes an ideal diet for that particular condition.

  • An upcoming special event

These events are generally wedding, reunion or a special party.

  • To kickstart a more moderate diet.

Sometimes people use crash diet to start a long term diet program.

  • To participate in a bodybuilding contest
  • Before going to a surgery

Types of Crash Diet

The crash diets mention below are the top ten best Crash Diets. Which one is best among these depends upon your physique. Therefore, consult your dietitian or health expert to know preferable crash diets to lose 10 pounds almost. Well, several health experts go with the cabbage soup diet when it comes to selecting the best crash diet.

  1. Cabbage Soup Diet
  2. The Atkins Diet
  3. The Metabolism Diet
  4. The Three Day Diet
  5. The Grapefruit Diet
  6. SlimFast
  7. The Chicken Soup Diet
  8. The Scaresdale Diet
  9. The 7 day Diet
  10. The Lemonade Diet

Side effects of crash diet

  • It adversely affects the metabolic hormones such as insulin levels and sex hormones. It results in higher production of estrogen, which causes diabetes.
  • It reduces the calorie intake which results in frequent fatigue.
  • Inadequate amount of food can make you feel irritable and hungry.
  • Abdominal pain, bad breath, bloating, diarrhea, muscle cramps and gas are some of those ailments which are found in people on crash diet.

Consider the following points before going for a crash diet

crash diets to lose 10 pounds

  • Do not forget the intake of multivitamin when on crash diet. Continuation of crash diet for a longer time period leads to malnutrition. Therefore, intake of multivitamin becomes a necessity.
  • Similarly include some nutrients in your crash diet menu.
  • Be ready to regain your original weight at the end of the crash diet as they do not lose fat content of the body.
  • It is often advised for higher caffeine intake to crash dieters, which leads to several health hazards. Therefore, discuss the amount of caffeine with your nutritionist before going for the crash diets.
  • Some also experienced the loss in the luster of the hair when on crash diets to lose some pounds. It is common to find hair loss in people on crash diet.
  • It has also resulted in psychological disorders in the dieters. One of the adverse effects of crash diets is anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder. People with this disorder starve themselves.

The article does not suggest the menu or the meal plan because it differs with every crash diet. You must decide prior to follow any crash diet. Above points shows that one must think twice before going for crash diets to lose 10 pounds in few days. Any ways crash diet is a good idea when it comes to instant weight loss for an occasion.

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