How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week For Teenagers

According to a well known psychiatrist and professor, Aaron T“There are millions of reasons to lose weight. Find one, go with it, stick with it, and believe in yourself. It took years for me to find the inspiration, but when I finally got it, there was no stopping me. If you want it enough, you will lose weight.”  Teenagers are the most concerned members of the society when it comes to weight and body image. Weight gain is not only an appearance issue but it can become a health problem as well. Peer pressure force them to take some unhealthy steps. To save your child from the greater dangers ahead, one must be aware of some healthy ways to lose weight.

There are several weight loss home remedies given too at top10homeremedies website. You can follow those natural cures as well else read on to learn how to lose 10 pounds in a week for teenagers using our methods. Before that you must know the reasons so that you can prevent the weight gain in your child.

how to lose 10 pounds in a week for teenagers

10 reasons why the teens gained weight

  1. Fattening foods
    This is the major cause of the increase in obesity rate among the teenagers. Most of us lacks the knowledge of healthy foods and eats whatever comes to our way. We must keep healthy examples in front of our children so that they can learn to prepare healthy meals for themselves.
  2. Soda
    Stop the intake of soda and other beverages and then notice the weight loss. Several teenagers have tried it out successfully. Water and milk are the only drinks which never increase your pounds.
  3. Inherited from the family
    For some it runs in the family. Some children receive the obesity genes from their parents. There are several diseases, which are inherited and obesity is one of those. This reason dominates among all the reasons of extra pounds in teenagers.
  4. Fast food
    Every child loves fast foods. Majority of customers of McDonalds, Pizza hut, to name a few are teenagers. In fact, fast foods are the meals of several children. Replace your fast foods with the nutrient rich fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals and then flaunt your skinny figure.
  5. T.V., Computer or Video games
    These are the major culprits behind every child’s weight gain. Cartoons, games and movies leaves no stone unturned to convert your boy into a brat. Sticking to the couch for long hours can effectively add pounds to your girl’s skinny figure.
  6. Emotional causes
    There was a time when this used to be the most flamboyant stage of ones life.  “As a teenager you are at the last stage in your life when you will be happy to hear that the phone is for you.” However, there are several things which matters for the teenagers of this century. They have already started replacing adults on several parts of the society. These days teenagers are the major victims of emotional problems. Encourage your child to enjoy the most energetic phase of his or her life rather than bothering over the big matters of future. Take a control over the changes which happens at this stage.
  7. No physical labor
    Lack of exercise leads to obesity and other weight gain problems. Indoor games and television are the major reasons behind this. Relieve your child from the comfort zone of the house and encourage him to play outdoor games and some crossfits. Only dieting can never provide you a fruitful result.
  8. Sweets and desserts
    Most of the children have sweet tooth. You must have a control on this habit. Avoiding sweets and desserts can result in losing almost 10 pounds in a week.
  9. Portion size of the meal
    Several diet plans like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, to name a few emphasizes on the portion size of the meal. This shows the role of portion sizes on weight loss plan. Decrease the portion size as per your dietician allows you to do so. Including this step in your diet also results in shredding extra kilos.
  10. Snacks
    Replace those ice cream, cookies, chips, etc. with the healthy foods in your meals to lose up to 10 pounds in a week. How to lose 10 pounds in a week for teenagers

how to lose 10 pounds in a week for teenagers

  • Reduce the intake of sugar drinks.
  • Take note of your calories intake. Burn more than you consume this week to lose 10 pounds.
  • Prohibit the consumption of prepackage snacks completely.
  • Avoid crash and fad diets for your teenage child to avoid the fatal results. Instead of that follow the diet by your nutritionists.
  • Swap the foods rich in saturated fats for the leaner foods. To lower the calorie intake replace butter with olive oil, steak for fish, full fat milk with low fat milk and ground beef with ground turkey.
  • Involve you child in some crossfit exercises. Do not forget to get the right kind of workout from a trainer.
  • Consult a nutritionist to get the weight loss plan which suits your child’s physique.
  • Drink at least 8oz. of water per day.

Beside, if you have tried easier ways for your child then feel free to add them on the comments section of “how to lose 10 pounds in a week for teenagers”.

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