Jenny Craig To Lose Weight

According to Jenny Craig the key to successful weight loss is improving your relationship with food. Jenny Craig plan was started in Australia, but it is more popular in America due to its high obesity rate. The best part of the plan is that they are available 24*7 on phone and mail. So, you can consult them either on phone or mail as per your convenience. If you are among those who believe in self-help, then you can order their DVDs and books. The Jenny Craig weight-loss plan includes the following keys in its kit.

  • Healthy food
  • Right exercise
  • Positive living

The Jenny Craig includes three levels according to the above keys in its weight-loss plan. It begins with the healthy eating which involves pre-packaged Jenny Craig meals. According to Jenny Craig weight-loss plan, a dieter must eat normal food and exercise well. Another rule of the plan is that one must keep in touch with the counseling session throughout his lifetime. They provides you a personal weight loss consultant.

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Things you need to know about Jenny Craig

  • Jenny Craig is the most successful weight-loss program. There are more than 600 Jenny Craig centers across the US with the highly trained weight loss specialists and nutritionists.
  • The pre-packaged Jenny Craig’s food not only reduces your kitchen time but also saves you from those tiresome recipes by other diet plans.
  • When you begin with the Jenny Craig’s diet plan, you have to work with the specialists and nutritionists to get your correct diet plan.
  • You have to attend the weekly meetings with the weight loss counselors. However, Jenny Craig also provides an option of menus and information on mail.

Jenny Craig program to lose weight

Pre-packaged meals are recommended by Jenny Craig in the first level. The purpose is that the dieters must be clear about their serving sizes and meal portions. They emphasize the food divisions.
They even allow dieters to eat fruits and vegetables if they feels hungry after their specific pre-packaged meals. In this program, you will also learn to prepare and divide your meals moderately. Every single meal is tailor-made, which includes the following factors: Client’s weight, sex, health goals and height.

Pre-packaged foods by Jenny Craig

These are the frozen pre-packaged foods by Jenny Craig, which are provided to its dieters with the purpose of changing their dietary habits. Ones you get equipped with this new dietary habit you can switch to your own fresh and healthy food options.

Breakfast: French toast, Scrambled eggs and Pancakes with sausage.

Lunch: Beef chow mein, spinach, cheese tortellini and chicken strip medley.

Dinner:  BBQ chicken pizza, Cajun style chicken and beef stroganoff.

The Jenny Craig weight-loss program, provides you enough guidance to prepare meals that include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products.

Basics of Jenny Craig to lose weight

Each pre-packaged meal is comprised of approximately 20 percent fat, protein and 60 percent carbohydrates. It allows you to have a snack per meal. Limited amount of dairy products with vegetables and fruits can also be included with these pre-packaged meals. There is no such specific group in Jenny Craig weight loss program.

Exercise plays a vital role in Jenny Craig program to lose weight

It engages you in moderate physical activity on few days of the week. The particular exercise program is designed for you keeping in concern your physique. 
Being the most successful weight loss program, Jenny Craig is one of the most expensive diets. However, it is providing you the fruitful results as well. There are several followers of Jenny Craig who are enjoying their perfect health. You can also be one of those, provided you follow Jenny Craig to lose weight strictly. 

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