Nutrisystem To Lose Weight

Nutrisystem offers you a healthy stable diet to lose weight. According to the latest survey reports, in UK, 1 in 4 teenagers are obese. To help you in getting rid of the problem, the diet plans have emerged. Nutrisystem is one of those diet plans, which helps in losing weight within few days. It is among those popular and successful weight loss plan. Therefore, you can trust Nutrisystem to lose weight in case of immediate weight loss.
Nutrisystem offers you three weight-loss plans: basic, vegetarian, diabetic and silver. The Nutrisystem plans have low glycemic meals. Heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids and proteins are the major contents of Nutrisystem meals. Like Jenny Craig diet, Nutrisystem also provides you an easy access to the dieticians and counselors.

Things you need to be aware of the Nutrisystem diet plan

Nutrisystem to lose weight

  • It is the first diet plan ever which offers the home meal delivery system.
  • According to the Nutrisystem website, the diet plan costs $11.00 per day, as of 2010.
  • Nutrisystem provides you a list of 150 prepackaged meals. You can choose from the list to prepare a 28-day food menu.
  • You can order the Nutrisystem diet plan in the following ways: over the phone, through a television infomercial and online.

Types of plans by Nutrisystem to lose weight

The basic meal plan: Dieters have to follow it for 28 days’. They eat three meals and two snacks per day. It is designed for the youngsters and middle-aged adults.

The Silver meal plan: It is designed for the adults over 65 years. Dieters have to eat six small meals per day. The meal includes the food which is low in saturated fat and high in whole grains. The meals are prepared in such a way they effectively prevent the heart diseases which are quite common in the older members of the society.

The vegetarian plan: Nutrisystem offers you a huge variety for its vegetarian dieters. You can pick from 90 vegetarian-friendly meals.

The diabetic plan: It is especially for those who have to control the blood sugar levels. They have to lose weight and cholesterol for that.

Supplements are also recommended by the Nutrisystem diet plan for its dieters. The supplements cannot be delivered to the house. These include the dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables. You must have them in addition to the prepackaged nutrisystem meals. Nutrisystem suggests you for these supplements because their meals lack the nutrients which are present in these supplements. For example, lean protein can be obtained from the boiled eggs and chicken breasts, which cannot be delivered fresh.

Nutrisystem Diet Food Checklist

It is recommended by the Nutrisystem diet plan to pick one from the list each day for every meal.

      Breakfast          Lunch                    Dinner
  1. Cereal
  2. Granola bars
  3. Bread products which includes
    chocolate muffins,
    Scons or cinnamon buns
    and blueberry pancakes
  1. Ham and bean or chicken noodles
  2. Cream of broccoli
  3. Pasta (fettuccine alfredo)
  4. Three cheese pasta with chicken
  5. Caesar or Luttuce Salad
  6. Chicken or Tuna Salad
  7. hot dogs
  8. rice
  9. Potatoes
  1. Pasta: Cheese ravioli or macaroni and cheese, Chicken pasta with Parmesan
  2. Soups and stews: chilli or chicken tortilla soup
  3. meat and vegetable entrees: Sweet and sour chicken, Meatloff or beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes.

Advantages of Nutrisystem to lose weight

  • Its convenience, simplicity and promotion of exercise have made it so popular among the dieters of the world.
  • Its meal never asks you to restrict the calories like all other diet plans.
  • Nutrisystem offers you guarantee on their diet plans. This ensures the satisfaction of the dieters for the food they receive. They guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the food in the starting week of the diet then you can send back the remaining three weeks food on the refund. 

Disadvantages of Nutrisystem to lose weight

  • The meals are prepackaged and therefore, it is rich in sodium. Sodium is not good for our health. These foods lack freshness.
  • It is more expensive than purchasing all the ingredients and preparing it yourself.
  • Meal planning: They never teach you to prepare the meals by your own. Therefore, after leaving the Nutrisystem diet it becomes difficult for you to maintain that healthy weight. This can lead you to fall prey to the yo-yo dieting weight gain.
  • Warnings on the Nutrisystem Website
    The Nutrisystem Website warns you for dizziness, muscle cramping, hair loss, loss of muscles, constipation, gout, bone mass, intolerance to cold, menstrual irregularities and other changes. This shows that the diet may change the various nutrients’ level in your body, which can result in deficiency symptoms.

Watch the video for the reviews on the Nutrisystem to lose weight

It is not a cake walk to find the right diet plan. The secret lies in the knowledge of healthy food and its correct portion. The diet plan like Nutrisystem to lose weight is for those who follow a busy schedule. However, you always have the option to be your own guide with the help of nutritionist and journals available.

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