South Beach Diet To Lose 10 Pounds

This technique has been originally developed for the heart patients. Unlike another diet South beach diet is easy to stick for the long time period. Dr. Agatston is the person behind the South Beach diet plan. It is based on the reduction of bad carbohydrate and increment in the good carbohydrate. It also enhances the fats which are favorable to the body. It was found in a book,” South Beach Diet” for the first time. It was discovered for the heart patients to improve their overall health rather than to lose weight. If you follow the South beach plan strictly, then you can shed between 7 and 15 pounds by the end of two weeks. Do not forget to consult the book, “The South Beach Diet” by Arthur Agatston to follow the exact menu of South Beach Diet to lose 10 pounds in few days.
south beach diet to lose 10 pounds

There are three phases in South Beach Diet to lose 10 Pounds or more.

First two weeks are of phase 1: This is the strictest part of the plan but you lose most of the weight in this phase. Cut out completely alcohol, baked goods, bread, rice, fruits, sugar, pasta and potatoes. Vegetarians are advised to have plenty of eggs, fat-free cheeses, high protein and vegetables. You can substitute low fat meat with tofu, tempeh, textured vegetable protein, seitan and nuts.

Second phase: Add back the carbohydrates so that you keep reducing the weight loss. Make sure you intake healthy carbohydrates with low glycemic index. Suggested carbohydrates are apple, whole grain bread and red wine.

Third phase: This is the phase of achieving the weight, you have aimed for. So, keep adding the carbohydrates to your diet. This is also known as life long diet plan. Stick to the canola or olive oils and avoid bad fats and carbs. By now you must have been aware of the bad carbohydrate and if you cannot avoid them then you can return to phase 1 anytime.

South Beach diet to lose those extra pounds

South Beach diet to lose 10 pounds

If it’s an urgency to lose some extra pounds for a near event, then you can trust South beach diet to lose 10 pounds. Learn the following basics before going for the South beach diet plan.

  • It allows you to have three meals per day. You can intake 15 pistachios, hummus or raw broccoli as the snacks for mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Low-fat cottage cheese is also allowed. Dessert, a low ricotta crème is also a part of this diet plan. 2 snacks and 1 dessert make up to six meals per day.
  • Focus on eating the foods with low glycemic index. Glycemic index is the measure of effect of carbohydrate on the blood-sugar level. Carbohydrates which break quickly and release glucose rapidly into the bloodstream have a high glycemic index. Therefore, to maintain a proper blood-sugar level one must intake foods with low glycemic index.
  • Intake of olive or canola oil has been proven beneficial for the heart.
  • Avoid processing foods: white flour in any form, pasta, white sugar or white rice.
  • Though it seems, South beach diet is not a low-carb diet plan.
  • The food mentioned on the South Beach diet plan is easy to take on in routine meals. The dieters are found satisfied with the plan.
  • According to Dr. Agatston, you must eat until you are no longer hungry.

Goals of South Beach Diet Plan

  • Your body stops craving for starches and sugars.
  • Improvement in the cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • It increases the ratio of good to bad cholesterol.
  • These days younger Americans are becoming victims to type 2 diabetes. The major cause is the intake of bad cholesterol, which converts to blood sugar faster and results in an unbearable rise in blood-sugar level.
  • To make you aware of the bad carbohydrates.

South Beach Diet has been trusted by several dieters to lose extra pounds in fewer time periods. So, if you are preparing your physique for the big event in the near future, then you must try out this diet plan with the help of the book by Dr. Agatston and a dietician. Its easy to follow the South beach diet to lose 10 pounds or more. Therefore, go for it without giving much thought to the result.

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